About project

Period: April 2018 – Jan 2019

Project: Master Solution Research Work By Inspire GOC

Subject: To Create A Software That Can Become One Window Solution in Real Estate Management

This was the in-house research project to create a software that can help the realtors in real estate management.

Our Aim Was

Our aim was to run a research on at least 300 societies to learn about what cause a success for any real estate project and what become the root cause of failure. We also want to identify the key patterns in a way so we can create a software that can help others to manage things easily.


This was a multi-layered research project for us.

  • We hire a team consisted on 14 members to handle this whole project.
  • Teams members collect data of 300+ societies including details of land acquisition, how they approach the project and their marketing and sales campaigns.
  • We analyze and study the data to figure out the patterns of success and failure.
  • We hire IT team to develop a software that can help realtors in managing real estate projects with ease.
  • We successfully created a software that can handle every detail of the project on just one click.


Results were just amazing after completing the tiring research process.

  • We collected data of 300+ societies.
  • We analyze the data successfully
  • We developed the software successfully.


Development of software do take lots of time, man power and resources but it help us in making our client’s future path easy.